The Plaid Slytherin (plaid_slytherin) wrote in hp_remembrall,
The Plaid Slytherin

FIC: Horace Slughorn and the Circle of Stones, chapter 5 (Horace/OMC) PG-13

Title: Horace Slughorn and the Circle of Stones
Author: The Plaid Slytherin (plaid_slytherin)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sequel to Cauldron of Secrets. Ever since his experiment with Felix Felicis, things have been going Horace's way. He's got the man of his dreams, and a long summer in France to look forward to. Instead of a holiday in the country, however, he and Leonide find a mystery when a local researcher is murdered. With ancient secrets, mysterious runes and the magical mafia, Horace's luck just might be running out.
Notes: Thanks, as ever, to my incredibly supportive betas book_worm5 and ladychi! Sorry for the lateness of the chapter. It's been finished a while but I had a bad cold and didn't get a chance to post it!

Missed a chapter?
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( Horace trooped reluctantly into the mess hall, following Leonide and the wizard who had introduced himself as Joe Reilly. )
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