Kate of Kintail (katekintail) wrote in hp_remembrall,
Kate of Kintail

New rec community

Come join the fun in this new Harry Potter rec community... with a twist!

The Harry Potter Daisy Chain of Awesome (hpdaisychain) is going to be set up like a chain of pairings. Every two weeks we'll pull a name out of a hat and pair it with a character from the week before. Each round/chain begins and ends with Harry Potter, but pairings in the middle could be absolutely anything- and will probably be pretty obscure as we add more and more characters to the hat to make each chain.

We hope it will get us (and others) thinking creatively about some other possibilities pairing-wise in the world of Harry Potter. And we hope people will stop by and leave recs if they know of good fic/art/video/whatever containing that link's pairing!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or post a reply to one of the mod posts in the community. The first chain begins this Sunday, August 30. You never know what pairing might come up but with magic & time travel in the fandom any pairing is possible!
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